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Seniors' (and Middle-aged) Physical Therapy

At Timberlands Physiotherapy, we understand the effect of aging on the various body systems. For instance, an older but more active person presents differently from a younger but less active fellow. Also, an older individual is at a higher risk of frozen shoulder after a shoulder injury like subluxation or dislocation than a younger fellow who is more at risk of re-dislocation; hence, their care and management will take different physiotherapy care pathways.

Understanding the context of an active lifestyle and the various ailments that are more common with an aging body places our Physical Therapists in a better stance to adequately physically diagnose and treat you. Currently, two of our Physical Therapists have experience in treating seniors including middle aged patients and will be happy to assist you on your way to recovery.

It is well documented that the pain and functional limitations from osteoarthritis and other arthritis and even the sometimes-occult fractures from osteoporosis can be managed with adequate physical therapy. Call us today to assist you on your way to a quality of life free of painful limitations. We are well located at Timberlands market in close proximity to many seniors' residences.

Timberlands Physical Therapy Clinic is An ARCAR Centre hence a Data-driven clinic.